Luen Kee Plastic Materials Factory Limited is a reprocessed plastic manufacturer, with ambition in environmental protection. Operated for 33 years, Luen Kee Plastic is professional and experienced in recycled plastic manufacturing; we distributed our product all over the world with international recognition.

Reprocessed High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) pellet and Reprocessed Polycarbonate (PC) pellet are our main products, the maximum monthly production volume are 4,500 MTS and 2,475 MTS respectively. Our products are widely applied into video-cassette-tape housing, toys, video/audio productˇ¦s housing, CD/VCD case-board, shell painted production and CD/VCD/DVD.

In the future, we will keep on continuous learning, encouraging innovation and repeated experimentation to meet our customers' requirement and expectation.